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Ruby Spice Inc.

Ruby Spice Inc. came into being as a result of the founder, Ruby Millien's, life-long dream to introduce her mom's Epis Zette to the world.


From business webinars to learning about commercial kitchens, Ruby set on a nonstop venture to bring her dream to life. Ruby's mom (Josette), an incredible cook in high-end restaurants and an even more awesome mother, is the inspiration behind this brand. Her version of the traditional Haitian recipe [is a family secret passed down through generations] that Ruby Spice Inc. is now delighted to share with the world.


As a brand, we stand by our claims and promises. Epis Zette is more than 8 months into a Refrigerator Shelf Life study at the Cornell University Food Venture Center, to prove that the seasoning [which has only natural preservatives] can last for over a year in the refrigerator. Being a female-led venture, Ruby Spice Inc. is passionate about making lives easier and healthier for others, whether it is in terms of cooking or skincare.


What started with Epis Zette has now extended into Butter Me, and we are continuously working on new products to create a whole naturally-derived line for our customers. Naturalness and wellness are our top priorities and every product reflects these values. All in all, we are on a mission to provide skincare and seasonings that are free of harmful chemicals and equipped with nature's best and healthiest ingredients, making your skincare and dining experiences matchless.


Ruby Millien is the CEO and founder of Ruby Spice Inc. inspired by her Haitian heritage and the unmatched cooking and healing hands of her mother. She would be remiss not to share the wisdom and tenacity her mother has with the world. Ruby Spice Inc. was birthed in a little girl empowered by her mother who worked tirelessly in restaurants and take out venues while raising 5 children in Hell's Kitchen. Epis Zette seasoning mix was cultivated through generations to become a source of healing and enjoyment for everyone. Ruby was that little girl who now dreams of seeing Ruby Spice Inc. products in every major supermarket and wellness shops across the world.


This brand is about wellness through upgrading the flavors in your food without compromising your health, and through body butters with healing properties. These products were created to motivate consumers to pursue healthy lifestyles.


Above all else, Ruby Spice's is about inspiring consumers to go after the life they want in good health and to maximize the years ahead while enjoying today. Whether in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle or in need of new inspiration to keep going, Ruby Spice's disrupts our usual approach to health and gives us the excitement and spice we've needed all along.