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21 Ethos

Roniesia Godfrey is an entrepreneur and the founder of 21 Ethos. Roniesia came up with the idea for 21 Ethos over a coffee conversation with a friend about the lack of tech education and resources within their community. Roniesia grew up in Jamaica, Queens, to immigrant parents where she often witnessed them working multiple jobs and often going years without a vacation just to make ends meet. With minimal resources and investments towards community programs and STEM, many kids with similar upbringing have either had to forego college in order to provide additional financial support to their families or turn to the streets. Luckily, that wasn't the case for Roniesia. Roniesia started 21 Ethos to give kids access to STEM courses and educational resources to help prepare them with the necessary skills to land high paying jobs in high-growth industries, start businesses and be at the forefront of the technology that powers the world.