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Jörg Nicht

Jörg Nicht is an architecture, travel, and street photographer for commercial and projects and privately commissioned works. Despite a busy professional career, he continues to dedicate himself to his personal and ambitious image series. Jörg Nicht lives in Berlin and works around the world. He is one of the most popular and most followed German photographers on Instagram – see his profile at @jn. Jörg's impressive photos discover the fascinating colors and beauty in the aesthetics of both the everyday and the extraordinary. He has developed a distinctive, contemporary visual imagery in photography, combining his art with the dynamism of nature and his comprehensive expertise of social media. Jörg works at the Freie Universität Berlin as a scientific and publishing author. Photography and social sciences have been his passion since his youth. And to this day, Jörg remains fascinated by the constantly changing interplay between art and social relationships. He regularly writes on these topics and speaks regularly in both German and international media.