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Café de los Angelitos

The Café de los Angelitos is a historic tango café in the City of Buenos Aires, located on the corner of Avenida Rivadavia and Rincón, in the Balvanera neighborhood. It was the place where Carlos Gardel established his "bar" from 1912, when he began his artistic career as a duo with José Razzano. The latter, in 1944, composed a famous tango with lyrics by Cátulo Castillo, entitled precisely "Café de los Angelitos":

Angelitos Coffee!

Gabino and Cazón Bar!

I cheered you up with my screams

in the time of Carlitos,

by Rivadavia and Rincón.

"Café de los Angelitos"

Letter: Cátulo Castillo

Music: José Razzano