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About Kasai


Kasai opened its first restaurant in Stockholm 2016. Today, there are three restaurants, two in Stockholm and one in Malmö. Kasai is a modern Japanese restaurant serving creative Japanese fusion dishes. Kasai is the result of many years of experience and inspiration in cities such as London, Los Angeles and Miami. We hope our guests experience it in everything from food and drink to service and atmosphere.


About Ebba Gyalog

Ebba Gyalog's yoga journey began about 10 years ago, at a gym in hre small hometown. At first, she was drawn to physical training - asanas, strength, sweat, flexibility. Then, she went to Thailand to deepen her yoga with a 200h Yoga Teacher Training, a trip that made her realize that yoga is more mental than physical. After her 200 hours, she continued to train in meditation, healing, vegan nutrition, breathing techniques (pranayama) and yoga philosophy. Ebba is extremely happy to share yoga and teach its physical, emotional, mental or philosophical benefits. Her foundation is hatha and vinyasa, and in her classes she shares how to create a strong and aware body and mind.