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Restauranglabbet is a platform for accelerated innovation in sustainable food and food industry. Through a design-driven process we create a full-scale test bed in a commercial environment that connects the worlds of academia and business. We implement scientific research and development of new technology to enable future resource-efficient restaurants. This generates a control system for the researchers' need for knowledge and the business community's need for answers. We put theory into practice, into a real restaurant - probably the most sustainable restaurant in the world. At Restauranglabbet you will be able to enjoy food from state-of-the-art chefs and taste the flavours of an innovation arena where we explore how restaurants can reach the UN sustainability goals, by connecting science with the food industry. 


Johan Gottberg is one of Sweden's most well renowned chefs and his work focusing on sustainability earned him the award Sweden's Most Sustainable Chef in 2014. Today he runs Restauranglabbet, a collaboration with KTH Royal Institute of technology where sustainability research informs the daily menus and routines at the restaurant with the goal of creating a restaurant with zero waste.