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Master Class with hairdresser Antonio Axu

Known for his unconditional love for the profession and his twist on manic perfectionism, Antonio Axu has recently established himself as one of Sweden's hottest hairdressers. Antonio Axu's name has become synonymous with perfection, uncompromising perfection and glamorous hair. In his new concept Hair Couture, Antonio Axu has boiled down his knowledge, creativity and innovations into a single exceptional hair care and styling series. Antonio Axu Hair Couture is luxurious, sophisticated and playful products with silky texture and passion that goes back to every little detail - fabulous styling for fabulous hair. Antonio Axu has an absolute goal: each individual product should either add something completely new to the market - or be better than all existing alternatives. The wow factor and feeling are crucial. Antonio Axu wants the Hair Couture customer to experience something completely new, something that is reminiscent of the feeling from his own salons. Hair Couture is good for all types of hair, but many of the products are especially aimed at fine Scandinavian hair