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All-Wise Meadery


Dylan Sprouse is the CEO of All-Wise and a well-known American actor. Sprouse discovered his passion for making mead as a young adult in California. Once Sprouse moved to New York for college, he continued experimenting and swapping recipes across the country with his friends. Through his exploration and experimentation, the young brewer found that he preferred naturally-made meads that were rare in the mass market. Most of the meads encountered in stores, restaurants and bars were sweet, potent, and heavily manipulated during the brewing process. Eager to share his unique style of mead with others, Sprouse decided to work on his own label, All-Wise. That’s when long-time college friend Matt Kwan came in. They sought out the best New York honey-makers and perfected their flagship recipe. The label launched in fall of 2017, challenging widespread assumptions about the ancient beverage and offering a fresh and simple mead to the masses.