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Suzanne Kopulos

Fashion stylist

Suzanne Kopulos is a leading fashion stylist, writer, influencer and media personality focused on fashion, style, shopping, and beauty. She has an eye for trends and a brain for developing brands, which is why her work ranges from celebrity styling to emerging product spokesperson. Suzanne fell head over heels into the world of fashion after earning degrees in both business and law. With experience in accessories design and production from New York to Los Angeles to Hong Kong, Suzanne knows the creative side as well as the consumer end and brings a wealth of knowledge from both vantage points. Her initial foray into the fashion world captured the eyes of over 50+ retailers. Her grassroots/bootstrapping methods garnered her coverage in InStyle, People, DailyCandy, TimeOut, Chicago Tribune, Modern Luxury Magazines and on the screen of major news networks and Showtime’s Shameless.