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Next Season TV

Next Season TV, a subsidiary of Kraftstoff Media, has been one of the leading film production companies in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle sector for many years. This production company has produced many TV advertisements and online spots as well as video content for social media. Next Season TV has produced videos for magazines including VOGUE, GLAMOUR, ELLE and GQ and for brands such as CHANEL, DIOR, GIORGIO ARMANI, HUGO BOSS, BMW, ESCADA, L´OREAL and many more. Many personalities, such as Karl Lagerfeld, Claudia Schiffer, Lady Gaga and many others, have been in front of Next Season TV's cameras. The "nextseasontv" Instagram channel provides you with an overview of the diversity and quality offered. Now, the team from Next Season TV is intensifying its online activities with Epi-Food, and is bringing modern and delicious cuisine to German households. Cooking tasty and healthy food, with quick and concise instructions on its preparation – that is the focus of the cooking show.