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Becky's Bites


Becky’s Bites began one hungry evening in a bite-sized kitchen in Manhattan. Craving just a bite of New York Cheesecake and getting hangrier and hangrier, Becky whipped up her first batch of– and now signature– chocolate dipped cream cheese bites. And they were BETTER than cheesecake! Locking herself up in her test kitchen, Becky has perfected recipes for spreads and bites all based with cream cheese. Becky and Richard, her husband and business partner, realized that cream cheese didn't have to be so ordinary! They began to reimagine the beloved classic with a mission to make New York City known for its cream cheese in the same way it's famous for its bagels and cheesecake. Launching their first brick and mortar shop in the East Village of Manhattan, Becky and Richard are bringing Becky’s Bites to YOU! They now serve a variety of noshes & desserts, including spreads, bagels, tarts, cookie sandwiches, chocolates & more.