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Candy Washington

Influencer, Actress

Candy Washington is an actress, blogger, on­-camera host, social media influencer, and the founder, of Actress with Style, a popular lifestyle brand focused on fashion, beauty, entertainment, and travel that's geared toward the active millennial. Additionally, Candy is a V.I.P. Influencer for FOX shows Empire, STAR, Lethal Weapon, and Pitch. Candy was recently a panelist during a premiere beauty conference, BlushCon, on How to Build Your Audience and Monetize It, and the digital series, The Ratchet Pack, that Candy starred in is being screened during the Indie Night Film Festival. Featured and published in Teen Vogue, Refinery29, BuzzFeed, Simply Stylist, Independent Fashion Bloggers, PopSugar, BRINK Magazine, FOX Magazine, The Stream TV, Muses, and more, Candy has solidified herself as a sought­after actor, influencer, and expert in her field, as well as a go­to resource for on-camera talent, social media strategy, and lifestyle tips.