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Taku-Taku is the home of delicious, slow-cooked vegan fast food. It offers exciting and innovative vegan meals inspired by flavors, national dishes, and spices from all over the world. Everything is cooked on the base of 100% natural ingredients. A baker makes fresh tortillas everyday and all vegetables are handled onsite in each shop / restaurant. The menu changes with the seasons, but fixed dishes include Bhangra Tacos, Sesäm, Temple Bowls, salads and desserts, as well as accessories such as sauces, pickles and salsa. Taku-Taku has been awarded the title Sweden's Best Fast Casual Restaurant at Fastfood Awards 2018 They have also been nominated for DN's "Gulddraken" for Stockholm's best budget restaurant in 2018. You can find Taku-Takus restaurant at the following locations: Hötorgshallen Spårvagnshallarna/ Birgerjarlsgatan 57c Paradiset matmarknad/Sickla köpkvarer/Sciroccovägen 20 Paradisets matmarknad/ Brännkyrkagatan 62.