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Private chef and culinary director for Shiraz Events, Yaniv Cohen, who has directed events for brands such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Dior, and influential celebrities including Cindy Crawford and David Bowie, has opened his newest project. Yaniv`s concept is called JAFFA and features the classics of Cohen’s native Israel, such as turmeric roasted cauliflower, sumac roasted carrots with labneh as well the staples of meze, meats and vegan dishes. Yaniv runs a well-followed Spice centric food blog called The Spice Detective, as a creative and inspirational outlet, he helps his followers not only cook but also explore the health and medicinal attributes of spices and herbs. The Spice Detective has a become a leader in the holistic cooking space with over 50K followers and fans across all social media platforms.