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Hotel Boškinac

Far from the bustle of the city, Boškinac offers an oasis of peace, a wealth of aromas, magnificent views and an atmosphere embraced by the magic of the island. The Boškinac hotel, winery and restaurant were born out of a love for rock, salt and wine, in line with the customs of our ancestors. In the desire to continue centuries of tradition and to show the world what this lovely island has to offer, this fragrant oasis was created, providing guests and visitors with a peaceful vacation in combination with premium local ingredients and complemented by the story of an island with many hidden treasures, tales of sea, the land, the families... The menu features traditional island specialities interpreted in a modern and creative way. Boškinac is particularly proud of the winery and wine cellar, where premium varieties of wine and high quality brandies are made. Your visit will be especially charming due to the intoxicating fragrance of pine trees, herbs such as savoury, sage, thyme and mint, and the scent of freshly cut hay. A number of terraces are found in front of the hotel, amongst the Mediterranean flowers and greenery, the swimming pool and baldachins.