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Bavarian Philharmonic

The Verein Bayerische Philharmonie (Association of the Bavarian Philharmonic) was founded in 1994 by Mark Mast who is still its musical and commercial director. The purpose of the Verein is supporting musicians with the objective of conveying the fundamentals of playing symphonic music and doing so as a profession.


The Kinderphilharmonie München (Children's Philharmonic Orchestra Munich) was founded in 1955, and the Junge Münchner Philharmonie, an orchestra project for music students, followed one year later. Today, the Bavarian Philharmonic comprises seven orchestras and choirs, which include children's choir, youth choir, choir of the Bavarian Philharmonic, the youth orchestra and the chamber orchestra.


In 2015, the association received the "Jugend für Bayern" (Youth for Bavaria) constitution award from the Bayerischen Volksstiftung and the Bavarian people's government.