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Gut Sonnenhausen

The event and organic hotel Gut Sonnenhausen is surrounded by nature and arose from the Herrmannsdorfer Landwerkstätten, a well-known project for regional food production.

The listed estate enchants visitors with its exceptionally beautiful atmosphere. The contemporary and provocative art collection inside the building comes as a surprise and is a focal point in the building for landlord Georg Schweisfurth. Is there any argument against the unusual interaction between architecture, art and ecology with a casual touch which would prevent a successful meeting or take the fun out of perfect festivities? No, there is not! Thus, Gut Sonnenhausen has become a very popular location for a wide range of events.

The culinary concept includes using organically grown foods, many of which are grown on the estate’s own organic farmland; and using the cooking to bring the guests closer together. Overnight stays are in cozy guest rooms which provide you with the perfect relaxation thanks to the furnishings being reduced to what really matters. In a nutshell: You can eat well, party hearty, have successful meetings, relax during a pleasant overnight stay and enjoy an incomparable cultural atmosphere.