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Enjoy a virtual tour of the Milan Duomo

Visit the Cathedral and relive its history from your home, with three exclusive video-tours.

The Experience

Go on a fascinating virtual journey through the history of the Milan Duomo, from the comfort of your home. With three short video-tours, you can explore the Cathedral and observe all the wonderful details of Italy's largest Gothic building, symbol of the city all over the world. In addition, you will discover the secrets behind the construction and gilding of the majestic sculpture that dominates the Cathedral, the Madonnina and you will also admire the artistic details of the Terraces. Exclusively for Mastercard cardholders.


What's Priceless?


Discovering the wonders of the Milan Duomo from the comfort of your home.




  • Learn the history behind the iconic landmark
  • Explore the terraces and the gilding of the Madonnina on the steeple of the Milan Duomo


  • The experience is reserved to Mastercard cardholders.
  • To view the video-tours on YouTube, please click on "Book here".
  • The experience is free and includes three video-tours of around 5 minutes. They have been produced by the "Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano", the Duomo maintenance company, as they own exclusive rights on the use of photos and video footage of the Duomo.
  • The videos are in Italian with English subtitles.
  • Copyright of all images contained in the video tour belong to Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano, "2017_Copyright Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano and Fondazione "Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia".
  • Any non-personal use is prohibited, as are sharing, publishing on any medium, or forwarding in any form including digital (eg, by e-mail). In any case, any use, distribution, modification and / or resale of the videos for direct and / or indirect commercial and / or promotional purposes is prohibited.

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