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Cultivate connections with a virtual conscious coupling session

Join a wellness instructor for a series of exercises focused on bonding through the 5 senses

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The Experience

Invite your partner to join you for a virtual conscious coupling session designed to deepen your connections and improve your relationship. Presented by Mastercard® and La Cantera Resort & Spa, this unique experience includes specific exercises focused on building bonds through the senses using breath, touch, empathetic listening, eye contact, and scent. Focus on one another as your wellness instructor helps you create specific pathways in the brain that create intense feelings of love. Exclusively for Mastercard cardholders.


What’s priceless®


Building a deeper connection with your partner with a conscious coupling session.


The highlights


  • Join a professional wellness instructor for a virtual lesson in conscious coupling
  • Participate in exercises designed to create and improve connections through the senses
  • Learn techniques you can use in the future as you take in views of Texas Hill Country



  • Experience is available at no cost to registered Mastercard cardholders
  • Video will be pre-recorded
  • Download details will be shared with cardholder upon registration

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