Join Trancoso with Mastercard

The Casa Mastercard social project, kits created by local workers, and benefits in selected restaurants are some of the experiences Mastercard offers to its customers in Bahia, along with digital content enjoyable from anywhere. 

Ser Trancoso

It has been a different year. More difficult and full of challenges. But looking back at the good times past, we can recharge our energies. And what better than sunbathing by the sea in one of Brazil's most special destinations, Trancoso, in Bahia, to start 2021 renewed. With that in mind, for the third consecutive year, Mastercard offers this summer several activities for travelers to Trancoso. And others that can be enjoyed anywhere you are.


With the local community in mind, in creating its projects in the region, Mastercard has taken full account of the difficulties its residents have endured through the pandemic. For this reason, one of the most important ongoing campaigns is the “Faça Parte” (Join) movement, which has already donated 5 million meals in partnership with NGOs Ação da Cidadania (Citizens in action), Mães da Favela da CUFA (a poor settlement mothers’ organization), and World Vision. Through Ação da Cidadania, 400 thousand meals will be donated to the local Trancoso communities. You can join this initiative by donating through


While finding ways to support the region, in Costa do Descobrimento, Mastercard created other projects, for visitors at this destination in the Brazilian summer. People will be able to visit the Casa Mastercard, hosting especially selected experiences showcasing the local culture in the Quadrado, the coolest spot at the destination. That is the spot for you, as Mastercard customer, to know and value local workers, Mastercard partners in this endeavour: The Daughters of Glória, Valquito Lima, Damião Vieira, Zé da Cerâmica, Aart, and Pataxós indigenous people. Wi-Fi is available for your convenience and enjoyment. The Casa Mastercard is open under strict admittance controls and limited access of up to 10 people at a time, strictly complying with all the necessary sanitary requirements.


Mastercard Black cardholders visiting the Casa can discover the Priceless kits and thus also help the Trancoso community. Created by our ambassadors, the spots show the best of Bahia's summer. Four kits are available: Renew by Casa da Glória; Celebrate by Valquito Lima; Sunset by Damião Vieira and Day on the beach by Zé da Cerâmica. The kits are for sale at Casa Mastercard and through the Mastercard Concierge service: 0800 725 2025 – option 2. The amount collected from sales of the kits will be donated to the Trancoso community, through the “Faça Parte” movement and Ação da Cidadania.


Mastercard Black cardholders visiting Bahia will also enjoy free corkage on their first bottle at four selected restaurants, where patrons can enjoy their favorite label at no additional fee. FlorestaJacaré do BrasilO Cacau and Favoritto Trancoso are waiting for you!


Digital content


The Brazilian summer experiences in Trancoso offered by Mastercard also happen in the digital universe. Two contents display what Trancoso has best to offer. In one of them, Alex Atala, one of the world’s most renowned chefs, shares unique experiences with representative personalities of the region, including a ritual with the Pataxós indigenous people and a feijoada prepared by the Daughters of Glória, in an immersion that Atala calls “a bath of humanity.”




The other content’s six episodes feature workshops led by our ambassadors. Zé da Cerâmica teaches the technique he uses in his pieces; Damião Vieira shows us his painting process, and the Daughters of Glória immerse us in a ritual herbal bath to renew our energies as we start 2021.




Mastercard wants you to start this new year enjoying all the good things Trancoso can offer this summer. Come join us!


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