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Welcome to Priceless Greece
Priceless Greece

With a rich history that begins deep in prehistory and continues to our days, Greece is a country that stands out in every possible aspect.


Famously known as a summer holiday destination, the country has much more to offer, than just a sunny getaway. Rich in culture and natural beauty, Greece never ceases to surprise, offering unique experiences all year long!


As of the 10th of February, Mastercard cardholders can enjoy throughout the year, the unique and endless experiences that Greece has to offer, through the world of Priceless Cities.

“Priceless Greece” includes experiences accessible both to local citizens and global travelers, offering a wide range of unique and dazzling events, all with Greek flavor and a local twist! From culinary events, that travel you back in time and history, to cultural highlights that amaze your senses, exciting sport events and many more! A wide range of unique opportunities, in order to discover the birthplace of democracy, science and arts. Once registered on priceless.com, one can experience firsthand  the magnificent and diverse faces of Greece, in a priceless way.


We are thrilled to celebrate the launch of “Priceless Greece” with a unique culinary event that will offer Mastercard cardholders the opportunity to experience the revival of the 1900s Athens. The historic venue of the Ypatia Mansion, designed by the famous Architect Alexander Nicoloudis and one of the very few examples of French Neobaroque architecture in the city, will open its doors exclusively for Mastercard cardholders. There, participants will experience a unique fine dining session, prepared by a Michelin Star Chef, recreating tastes of Athens during the early days of 20th century.


Enjoy a sneak peek below and see how you can Start Something Priceless in Greece:


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