Get to know Lionel Messi as he shares his journey and passions

For Lionel Messi, as long as he's doing what he loves, he's perfectly happy. The footballer sat down with Mastercard to talk football, the new film, family, and what matters most to him.

Lionel Messi


For Lionel Messi, as long as he's doing what he loves, he's perfectly happy. The footballer sat down with Mastercard to talk football, the new film, family, and what matters most to him.


What's Priceless to you? For some, it may be a shared experience with a loved one. For others, it may be the environment and a newfound passion to save the planet. Whatever it is, this question is a personal one—but for Lionel Messi, the answer is simple: doing what he loves.


There's no doubt that Messi's journey has been nothing short of incredible. The world-renowned footballer is a seven-time Ballon d'Or winner and holds a record six European Golden Shoes. While on FC Barcelona, Messi won 10 La Liga titles, four UEFA Champions League titles, and six Copa del Reys. To top it off, he holds his home country Argentina's national record as the all-time leading goal scorer. Today, he plays as a forward for the Paris Saint-Germain club and captains the Argentina national team.


Get to know Lionel Messi a little better by reading some excerpts from his insightful interview. Plus, check out exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from Mastercard's latest Priceless campaign below:


Q: In the film, we ask about what's Priceless to you. And you responded that "what's Priceless comes with you, as long as you do what you love". Why is that an important message for you to share, and what do you hope people will take away from it?

A: My dream was always—right from a small child—to become a professional football player. And I never imagined that I would end up coming to Barcelona at the age of 13. But the truth is that when I came, I was young, so it was not easy. I had to leave everything behind. I had to leave my life in Argentina—my friends, my family. I had doubts and fears to overcome to get to where I am today and honestly have done far more than I was ever able to imagine when I was a child. It was my passion and love of the sport that kept me going. It's a classic message, and one I think we all need to hear and be reminded of—that even as life changes, and [the] world around us too, we all need to hold onto our passions and the things that matter most. It's those passions that can propel you and get you through anything. We've all been through a lot over the past few years, and it's never been more important to hold onto and reprioritize your life to focus on the things that matter most. I hope that many can see the little [kid] inside of them, and that inspires them to follow their dreams, too.




Q: Let's talk about that little boy in the film. We know that wasn't actually you, so what did you think about how it turned out?

A: Technology is amazing! When I showed my family and friends, they couldn't believe the resemblance! [It] gave me goosebumps to see me interacting with my younger self. It's always a joy to interact with kids. And it's remarkable how we used technology to mirror my younger self. I wish I had the opportunity in real life to speak with my younger self to instill confidence, let him know his hard work and sacrifices will pay off, and [share] that he's still playing the game he loves.




Q: Football aside, what else is Priceless to you?

A: Living through a global pandemic has taught us all a lot about the things that matter most. For me, it's my family and appreciating all the time we were able to spend together at home. Normally, I have to be away a lot—traveling, training, and matches—so to be able to spend 24 hours a day at home with my children was beautiful. I believe it's been an important lesson to make sure we find time away from the day-to-day to ensure we [can] just enjoy each other.


Q: How has football changed—or not—over the years? What other advice do you have for young boys and girls interested in the sport?

A: Due to my experience and the life that I have had to live, without enthusiasm, without effort, without daily work and perseverance and without letting believe in you, it is very difficult to achieve the goals that one sets.