Sharpen your football skills through a tactical masterclass with legendary manager José Mourinho

Take the opportunity to learn from one of history's most successful football club managers in an inspiring masterclass, where he'll share his strategy, tactics, and decision-making process during a pivotal UEFA Champions League match en route to victory.

José Mourinho

When it comes to football managers, José Mourinho stands in a league of his own. The Portuguese native renowned for his tactical expertise has won 25 senior trophies while overseeing FC Porto, Inter Milan, Chelsea, Real Madrid, and Manchester United. After he was appointed coach for AS Roma on 1 July 2021, his new club scored 10 goals in a shutout to emphatically celebrate his first match in charge.


As if that weren't enough, Mourinho is also a three-time UK Premier League Champion, and he holds the rarest distinction of being the only professional football manager to win all the domestic titles in four different countries, including Portugal, England, Italy, and Spain. Looking for more evidence of Mourinho's mastery? He's one of only three managers in history to claim victory in the UEFA Champions League with two different clubs—FC Porto in 2004 and Inter Milan in 2010—and he's won the UEFA Cup/Europa League twice, with FC Porto and Manchester United.


With all his accomplishments, it's an understatement to suggest that aspiring footballers and coaches alike could learn a life-changing lesson or two from Mourinho, and now, in a thrilling tactical masterclass, they'll be able to get inside his mind. The new AS Roma manager shares his insights on a specific UEFA Champions League match from his career. Viewers will hear his opinions and theories from a strategic perspective on what went wrong and what went right, breaking down the tactics and decision-making process he used in leading his club to a remarkable win.


Tune in and get inspired as the iconic manager José Mourinho discusses tactical strategy in one of the world's most important football competitions, the UEFA Champions League, and uncover how you can apply his priceless advice in football and beyond. Watch the video below: