Drink in 170 years of golf history at The Jigger Inn

When The Open rolls into St Andrews in July 2022, the historic Jigger Inn will take a pause from serving guests and golfers and be transformed into an ultra-exclusive Mastercard hospitality lodge: the perfect place to enjoy the most iconic championship in golf.

The 150th Open

Travel the world with your clubs, and you'll find yourself eating and drinking in clubhouses and pubs that seek to create the feeling of history. Dark wood, studded leather booths, and artefacts and trinkets adorning the walls can create a homey atmosphere, but there's no substitute for the real thing. That's where The Jigger Inn comes into play.

The Jigger Inn’s character and charm is in no way manufactured. To understand its centrality to golf in St Andrews, picture an aerial of the Road Hole without the now familiar Old Course Hotel along its boundary. In the 1850s, when The Jigger dates to, there was a railway station there instead, the terminus for trainloads of holidaymakers descending on the old town for family escapes to the beach. The Jigger as we know it today was, in fact, the station master’s lodge. Now that’s a story.



The railway line is a distant memory, and The Jigger Inn has now been integrated into the luxury Old Course Hotel, serving hotel guests and as an unofficial 19th hole for golfers who've just had the pleasure of a walk around the Old Course. A three-foot stone wall is all that separates The Jigger's garden from the Road Hole. Sipping something cold while watching fellow golfing disciples tackle that most iconic of holes by the four-ball is among golf's greatest off-course pleasures.

Inside, the pub is all nooks and crannies, with little booths tucked away past open fires and a small bar squeezed into the centre. The menu is a blend of pub classics, Scottish flavours, and a few surprises, but one beer is a staple: The Jigger Ale, available only here and at the hotel's sister property in Kohler, Wisconsin.

When The Open is played in St Andrews in July 2022, the inn will temporarily become a Mastercard-exclusive hospitality lodge. Keep an eye out for exclusive priceless travel experiences if you want to enjoy The Jigger's historic hospitality and watch golf's greatest championship from a prime seat overlooking the Old Course.