What a week for Virtual Fans at Australian Open 2021

The first week of the Australian Open 2021 has been full of surprises, and already thousands of fans have connected with the tennis like never before, thanks to Mastercard’s ‘Virtual Fan’.

Australian Open

‘Virtual Fan’ serves up Priceless Experiences in Week 1 of the Open


Thanks to Mastercard , fans have been able to ‘Open the Open’ and connect with the tennis in ways that have never before been possible. Virtual Fans have been seen all around the grounds, with passionate fans’ faces beamed onto their screens, from the ‘MastercardVirtualFan’ Instagram filter.

Locations have included everywhere from Rod Laver Arena and Margaret Court Arena, to Grand Slam Oval, and even the entrance to Melbourne Park’s stadiums to greet fellow fans as they arrived for the day.

Fans were beamed into the thick of the action from day one, as our Virtual Fans spent two sessions in the Mastercard Superbox -- while Naomi Osaka, Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams won through to Round 2. Then the very next day, fans’ reactions were seen at Rafael Nadal’s Round 1 game…

On day three (Wednesday), our Virtual Fans even made an appearance on Channel Nine’s ‘TODAY Show”, then hung out at Grand Slam Oval for people to capture selfies with them.

Mastercard cardholders could also be the eyes of a Virtual Fan, and got to see some incredible sights. They kicked off each morning streaming a birds-eye-view over Melbourne Park, and ended each night with the same view at sunset -- even taking to Grand Slam Oval to soak up the evening atmosphere at the Peroni bar, as people strolled across the grounds.

As Wednesday continued, they popped down to the stringing room for a behind-the-scenes view of how the players’ most important piece of equipment is finetuned by the pros -- followed by a sunset streaming overlooking Birrarung Marr hill and all the late-night action.


Then on Thursday, our Virtual Fans streamed a Naomi Osaka practice session, as the two-time Grand Slam champion worked with her coach Wim Fissette in preparation for her Round 3 match.


Later that day, they returned to Grand Slam Oval, then greeted fans as they entered Rod Laver Arena, and spent the night inside as Svitolina squared off with teen legend Coco Gauff in Round 2.

To round off the week, the trio spend the day in the Margaret Court Arena Zone, streaming from the entrance as the fans arrived for the day, and catching some great tunes from the onsite brass band. They also streamed John Millman’s practice session as he got ready for his Round 2 doubles…


Become a Virtual Fan for Week 2

Search for our ‘MastercardVirtualFan’ Instagram filter, and show us your fan passion. If selected, your face could be displayed in stadium. You never know, you might just be seen on TV!

You can also be the eyes of a Virtual Fan, for exclusive behind-the-scenes content from all around Melbourne Park. It’s really easy to find -- just:

  • Open your Instagram (make sure your account is set to public)
  • Search for ‘mastercardau’
  • Tap the smiley face tab (3rd one across, just above the photos)
  • Then just share your video to your social accounts, with @mastercardau and #OpenTheOpen. Try It Now!