First serves: John Millman’s love of coffee

Connect with this Mastercard tennis ambassador and learn about his undying romance with good coffee.

Australian Open

John Millman (born 14 June 1989) is a current Australian professional tennis player. He reached a career-high singles ranking of world No. 33 in October 2018, when he reached the quarter-finals of the US Open. He’s won one ATP title so far.

And now, to help you Open the Open and get to know more about him, we’ve asked John to open up about his passions beyond tennis...


What’s your greatest passion beside tennis?

I love everything about coffee, from the roasting processes to drinking a good brew. Be it a flat white, percolated coffee or cold drip I’ll drink it all!

Whether it’s with friends or by myself, I always enjoy a cup of coffee. In every city and town, I have my favourite cafés, and I always take my AeroPress coffee maker with me everywhere I go!


How did you get into it?

My dad Ron has always been a big coffee drinker (probably partially as a way to get extra energy running around after the five of us). When I’m at my parents’ place, you’ll usually find me out on the veranda having a coffee with dad.

I can’t remember exactly when I started drinking coffee, but one of my most memorable coffee moments was back when I was playing club tennis in Germany, as it was where I met my girlfriend Fee Susan who would always serve me my morning coffee at the club’s café.


What keeps you doing it?

I place a lot of importance on having hobbies and interests outside tennis because it helps with achieving work/life balance. When it comes to coffee, I feel like it’s a great outlet for me because it’s so social and I enjoy making time to catch-up with friends over a cup.


Where will you take it?

A potential pipedream down the track would be to have my own café in my hometown Brisbane. I’d love to find the time to do a barista course and learn how to whip up the perfect coffee.