Alicia Molik and the art of keeping calm

Connect with this Mastercard tennis ambassador and learn how her love of art and gardening generate inner peace.

Australian Open

Alicia Molik (born 27 January 1981) is an Australian former professional tennis player. She reached a career-high singles ranking of world No. 8 and won a bronze medal for Australia at the 2004 Athens Olympics.  She won the 2004 Zurich Open, and reached the finals of the 2004 Wimbledon and US Open tournaments.

And now, to help you Open the Open and get to know more about her, we’ve asked Alicia to open up about her passions beyond tennis...

What’s your greatest passion beside tennis?

Art collecting. (And a little gardening.)

How did you get into it?

My appreciation of art and collecting pieces began at a young age. With the very first dollars I earned from professional tennis I thought it would be wise to buy my first Pro Hart ‘Insect’. It’s this style I was first familiar with of the Australian Outback seeing it during my primary school years. 

I love the warmth of this piece, reminds me of Australia, and the hard work associated with earning enough to buy it. 

I love Jo Darvall, she is Perth based like me. One of her pieces is on our living room wall, I appreciate its relaxing nature every single day I look at it and seem to find a new brush stroke in it all the time too.

What keeps you doing it?

Although my garden isn’t huge, I love spending time in green! Feels therapeutic and I love my herb garden, it keeps my kitchen ticking over! The space in our backyard is a little cooler so many traditional indoor plants survive well -- and I love keeping them looking great and healthy.

Where will you take it?

I’m saving up for more. I’m a big fan of David Bromley too, have been for a long time. The painting of the boy and dog sits in my daughter’s room, the colour palette is gorgeous.