The rhythms of a good life, 
with Jim Courier

Connect with this Mastercard tennis ambassador and learn about his lifelong passion for drums, and self-improvement.

Australian Open

Jim Courier (born 17 August 1970) is an American former world No.1 professional tennis player. He’s been a commentator on the Australian Open since 2005. He is also an analyst for Tennis Channel.

During his career, he won four Grand Slam singles titles, two at the French Open and two at the Australian Open. He was the youngest man to reach the finals of all four Grand Slam singles tournaments, at the age of 22 years and 11 months. He also won five Masters 1000 series titles.

And now, to help you Open the Open and get to know more about him, we’ve asked Jim to open up about his passions beyond tennis...

What’s your greatest passion beside tennis?

Playing the drums.

How did you get into it?

I got my first drums when I was 3 years old as a gift from my grandmother and I’ve been playing ever since.

What keeps you doing it?

Drumming is great for coordination and music feeds the soul. I’ve played music with lots of different people over the years for fun and now have introduced drums to my sons, who are bashing away at them from time to time at our home.

Where will you take it?

Drums have been a wonderful outlet for me away from tennis to pursue something I can get better at and enjoy for my entire life.