Meet the 2021 Australian Open Mastercard tennis ambassadors

Connect with Naomi Osaka like never before as you learn about her other passions. Plus, get to know more about John Millman, Alicia Molik and Jim Courier. 

Australian Open

Watch this short film for a quick glimpse of Naomi Osaka’s many other interests.


Naomi Osaka



At dawn, you can find her walking in nature, or galloping on horseback through the LA hills. She’s always at the ready with her Nikon camera to capture anything beautiful she sees. And back home, in her hoodie, she loves few things more than a big video game session.


And here’s a snapshot of all 4 of our tennis ambassadors’ passions and dreams...


John Millman



He loves everything about coffee, from the roasting process to savouring a good brew. There’s no time of the day or night that’s off-limits for a good cuppa. He takes his beloved AeroPress everywhere, and a lifelong dream is owning a cafe in his hometown of Brisbane.


Alicia Molik



Ever since she was young, she’s had an eye for art, and by now Molik has quite the collection. She’s a big fan of artist David Bromley, and the works of fellow Perthsian, Jo Darvall. Her other passion is gardening, which she finds just as therapeutic and relaxing.


Jim Courier



At age 3, he got his first drum kit as a gift from his grandmother, and he’s been playing ever since. Apart from being good for the soul, it helps his coordination. Like tennis in some ways, drums have been a wonderful outlet and a way to improve at something over time.