Get some expert tips on stretching and nutrition from Max Homa

To make sure he’s fit, fueled, and focused for every round, the PGA TOUR pro follows a routine designed for consistent results. Join him for this virtual tutorial to learn some of his favorite stretches—and find out what two snacks he always keeps in his golf bag*. 

Max Homa

At 30, PGA TOUR pro Max Homa is looking forward to a long, successful career, and he’s doing everything he can to make sure that happens. This means not only training at the top level but taking care of his body when he’s off the links with a health and wellness regimen optimized for the long term.

To Homa, stretching and nutrition are crucial components to staying healthy, and he shares his wisdom on both in this exclusive video tutorial.

“Stretching is important in everything you do actively, but especially in golf you need to be limber, you need to be able to move, and you need a big range of motion,” Homa explains. “It’s hard to do the same thing over and over again if your back is tighter from one swing to another.”


He showed viewers how to use a golf club to help stretch the back and shoulders and did some toe-touches and quad stretches before adding bands to the routine. Beneficial for all kinds of stretches, Homa is particularly fond of using them for squats.

“When you do squats with a band, just make a box,” he says as he stretches the band into a perfect rectangle and completes a set. “You should feel a little burn, but we’re just trying to get loosened up—you don’t want to go too difficult before you play.” 

Homa then moved on to the subject of nutrition, something he’s been researching throughout his career.

“Food is important for both the body and the mind,” he says. “I’ve looked into what foods make me function the best and what foods make me feel the best.” 

So what does a pro golfer eat to maintain energy and focus on the links?

“I keep a couple snacks in my bag during rounds, and one of them is trail mix,” he explains. “It has nuts like almonds, which are brain food, and I’ll just keep munching throughout the round.”

But while he’s constantly dipping into the trail mix, one humble yet energy-filled treat always comes out at the same time.

“My favorite snack is a trusty peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and this I eat after the 9th hole whether I’m hungry or not,” Homa says. “It’s easy to eat, easy to get down, and peanut butter is sticky, so it reminds me to drink water.”

While he’s happy to share his own advice, Homa believes that the best routine is the one you’ll stick with. 

“My parting advice for stretching and nutrition is to know what works best for you and focus on that each morning,” he says.


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