Mix things up during a smoothie-making lesson with Anirban Lahiri

The PGA TOUR pro believes that a nutrient-packed smoothie is a tasty and effective way to get the energy you need for a productive day. Here, he demonstrates recipes designed for strenuous workouts and recovery days as well*.

Anirban Lahiri

Energy is essential to PGA TOUR professional Anirban Lahiri, which is why he starts each day with a hearty breakfast smoothie designed to get him moving. In fact, he’s so passionate about smoothies that he even travels to golf events with a blender to make sure he won’t miss out on his daily fix.

To find out what’s in these energizing elixirs, join Lahiri for this virtual smoothie-making lesson recorded live in his home kitchen, where he demonstrates two of his favorites.  

While a healthy diet includes all kinds of different foods, Lahiri believes smoothies are a particularly effective way to monitor the nutrients you’re putting into your body to be sure you’re getting what you need.



“We want to be super consistent in how we fuel,” he says. “We want to make sure that we’re getting all the nutrients that we want and that we’re ticking all the boxes.”

Lahiri began by making a carbohydrate smoothie, which he recommends for long days, hot days, and days when you have an intense workout planned. His recipe uses oats, chia seeds, flaxseed powder, yogurt, honey, banana, and almond milk, though other natural ingredients can be used as substitutes.

Once your workout is in the books, you’ll need something to help you rest, relax, and recover. For that, he has his green smoothie, perfect for lighter, less strenuous days. It features kale, spinach, berries, banana, honey, and almond milk.

Yet no matter what kind of smoothie you end up making, always use the healthiest ingredients you can find.

“Know your ingredients and know what you put into your food,” Lahiri says. “Try to buy organic and sustainably produced products, because what you put into your body is who you are.”


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