Practice mindfulness with pro golfer Anirban Lahiri

Looking for a healthy way to reduce stress and improve your mental wellbeing? Join the PGA TOUR professional for a virtual seminar in meditation and breathe your way to a positive new outlook*.

Anirban Lahiri

As a PGA TOUR professional with 18 international victories, Anirban Lahiri has some serious skills in driving, chipping, and putting. Yet his most effective weapon on the golf course might just be the one you can’t see—the mindfulness he develops and maintains through meditation.


In this interactive video, Lahiri takes viewers on a mindfulness journey by demonstrating a simple meditation you can do at home. Clear a space and follow along as he shares his favorite method of reducing stress and increasing focus and positivity.



Start by finding a pleasant spot.


“You want to have a comfortable position where you’re looking straight ahead,” Lahiri says. “It’s important that you get settled and comfortable because you’re going to have to hold this position for a few minutes.”


Once you’re in position, close your eyes and focus on your breathing.


“Mindfulness is an exercise of observation, of being fully present in the moment,” Lahiri explains as he demonstrates. “Feel the cool, refreshing touch of the air as you breathe in, and as you breathe out, feel the warmth, feel the moisture, feel the parts of you it’s picked up.”


From there he took the meditation to a deeper level, moving the focus to the legs, the arms, and the spine and explaining what to do if a distracting thought causes you to lose focus.


“Imagine yourself lying on the ground looking at a blue sky and let the thought be a cloud that just passes you by—watch the cloud come and watch it go,” he says. “Stay calmly focused on being present.”


After taking time to focus on the environment as well as your loved ones, he brought the meditation to a peaceful conclusion. 


“As you open your eyes, look around your environment and situate yourself—you’ve been here all along,” Lahiri says. 


One benefit of meditation is that it doesn’t have to take a long time. Even a few minutes can be beneficial to your wellbeing. 


“My advice to you is to take mindfulness into every aspect of your life,” Lahiri explains. “Find five minutes to go back within yourself to find that space where you can be calm, equanimous, and tranquil. You can rejuvenate yourself whenever you want.”


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