Learn to stretch like a pro with golf star Brooke Henderson

The nine-time champion warms up before every round with stretches designed to help her play her best while avoiding injury. In this exclusive video tutorial, she demonstrates several of her favorite stretches that you can integrate into your own golf workout*.

Brooke Henderson

For professional golfer Brooke Henderson, the path to victory begins long before the first tee. The winner of nine championships always starts her rounds with a stretching routine that she’s improved and refined throughout her career.


A firm believer in the power of stretching, Henderson has seen many aspiring athletes rush through their stretches—or skip them entirely.


“A lot of people eat healthy and work out, but they miss out on the stretching,” she explains. “It’s key before you get to the golf course and even on the range to do a few stretches and exercises to get your body ready.”


According to Henderson, stretching does more than just improve one’s range of motion, it also keeps muscles from becoming overly tight, which can put your game at a disadvantage and increase the chance of injury.


In this exclusive video, Henderson shares some of her most effective stretches, from stretches that will help you perform better in any activity to golf-specific stretches that can help lower your score. Follow along and get your hips, back, chest and core ready for your next big day out on the course.



Among the highlights were a set of easy but effective leg swings.


“Lean on your club and swing your leg back and forth,” she explains while demonstrating perfect form. “It’s about awakening the body and loosening up your hips.”


Another essential stretch was even simpler: bending down to touch your toes—or as close as you can go—which helps loosen the hamstrings.


And as for golf-specific stretches, Henderson showed one that’s ideal for golfers looking to improve their swing: forming a letter L with your arms and club while going through the motion of a shot.


“I learned this one at junior camp when I was eight or nine years old, and I use it to this day,” she says. “I have a wedge in my hand, and I’m going to take it back and form an L right here, for a lovely game, then bring it through to the other side to make another, and it’s a lovely game even more.”


In order for stretching to be the most effective, Henderson explains, it has to become a part of your regular workout.


“My advice for stretching is to add it to your daily routine,” she says. “I hope these tips help you play your best out on the course.”


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