Alex Scott and Arsenal Women players share their top football memories in an exclusive Team Talk

The Arsenal legend leads a wide-ranging conversation with three of the club's top current players. Join them as they chat about their introduction to the game, the challenges of losing, and the secrets to football success.

Arsenal Football Club

Past and present football royalty came together as Arsenal legend Alex Scott invited three current players to join her for a virtual Team Talk. In this exclusive video chat, Scott gets Katie McCabe, Jordan Nobbs, and Lisa Evans to share some of the most influential moments of their careers and the mindset required to play at the top level.



Scott began with a tough question: how do you cope with losing, especially on a team that rarely does?


"When you lose—because everything is about football, and you dedicate everything to it—it is quite hard," says Nobbs, a fearsome English central midfielder with over 200 caps for Arsenal in her decade-long career. "I'll struggle to sleep because my mind's going crazy thinking about it."


She cautioned, though, that dwelling on a loss too much can be counterproductive.


"It's important to find the moments to switch off and not let things get too much because you've got a game coming up pretty soon after that," she says.


Scott went on to ask the players about some of the other challenges they faced and how they dealt with them to reach the highest levels of the sport.


"I had a supportive family—my dad was keen to be the best coach he could be, and my mom used to come with fruit for halftime," says Evans, a Scottish right-winger with nearly 100 appearances. "The only bad area that I really had was just in terms of playing with the boys and getting accepted by them."


"You can get a bit of grief because you're the only girl there," she explains. "But as soon as they know that you can kick the ball and you've got talent, that all goes to the back of your mind and you're just going for it."


Left-winger McCabe, a native of Ireland and one of 11 children, echoed that sentiment, adding that she's happy to see increased opportunities for girls in the sport.


"I've got a little sister who is 12, and there are more girl participants now, which is fantastic," McCabe explains. "She's a part of girls' teams, and there are teams of all ages available for her."

The transition from amateur to professional is always tough, but it's especially difficult for players far from home.


"It was really difficult because I was 17, and you've got to become a grownup really quick," Nobbs reflects. "But with our type of career, you have to make a lot of sacrifices to make it at the highest level."


According to Evans, one of her biggest steps forward came with her first professional contract for a team in Germany's Frauen-Bundesliga, Turbine Potsdam. After struggling to connect with teammates, she soon got the swing of things thanks to improved communication.


"I used to go to German language classes in the morning, and I'd be in school from seven to nine before training—it was the worst thing ever," she says with a laugh. "But being able to communicate on the pitch and off the pitch was actually how I got integrated with the team."


Scott began to wrap things up by asking what advice the players would give to their younger selves or anyone starting out in the sport.


"Enjoy every moment as well as football," says Nobbs. "You can have balance in your life and still win and have that football side of it."


"Believe in yourself," says McCabe. "You're always going to have ups and downs, or maybe a coach that doesn't see your potential, but keep working hard and take your chance when it comes."


"Enjoy it while it lasts and enjoy stuff outside of football as well, even when you give everything you've got at training and games," says Evans. "Be able to switch off and do other things you love in life."


For more of this fascinating conversation—including a series of rapid-fire questions including "What superpower would you have?" and "Who is the best singer on the team?"—watch the full video.