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Nathalie Simon

Training #8: Stay fit with Nathalie Simon's weekly virtual training sessions

Join former French windsurfing champion for a workout designed to burn fat

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The Experience

Keep your body and mind healthy and strong with weekly fitness training sessions* led by windsurfing champion and television host Nathalie Simon. Each week for four weeks, you'll follow along as Nathalie Simon demonstrates two new targeted workouts via video. Begin the week with strength training and ab tightening, then break a sweat and burn calories with some cardio during the weekend. Plus, gain insights on how to have effective workouts without heading to the gym. Discover the eighth and last fat-burning cardio session. Exclusively for Mastercard cardholders.


What's priceless


Getting the secrets to staying in shape from a champion sportswoman right in your email.


The highlights


  • Watch sports training sessions instructed by television host Nathalie Simon
  • Get weekly tips and guidance on strength training and cardio
  • Learn how to have a productive workout anywhere


*Nathalie Simon's training sessions are offered for fun and personnal use only and should not be used if you have a contra-indication from a doctor or sports professional.


  • Experience is available for French and English speakers
  • Training sessions will be recorded and distributed via email
  • Experience is not recommended for those advised to avoid physical activity
  • Experience is free to all eligible Mastercard cardholders

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