Stay on Pointe with Fitness Tips from The Joffrey Ballet Company

 It’s no secret that professional ballet dancers are not only artists and performers —they're also incredible athletes.

The Joffrey Ballet

As part of Mastercard's "Behind the Scenes at The Joffrey Ballet" series, we've asked six Joffrey Ballet company artists to share their secrets to staying healthy and fit. Covering pre-workout stretches and more, these hardworking dancers offer tips you can add to your own routine at home.


1. Warm up with Derrick Agnoletti:




"My morning cup(s) of coffee are key. I prefer French roast made at home with my coffee maker. I usually drink it black and make it extra bold. I can't remember a day I did not have coffee. I sometimes use it as my pre-workout before my day begins." 


2. Work your abs with Aaron Renteria:



"One of the most important exercises, and also one of my favorites, is a plank. It's mainly focused on the abdominals and is great for core activation and stability. There are a few versions, but I like to challenge myself to hold a center plank for two and a half minutes and hold both side planks for one minute and 45 seconds on each side. This exercise is easy to do while I'm at home, and my puppy Delilah loves to coach me and make sure I'm doing it right."


3. Point your toes with April Daly:




"I use my Theraband every morning before class to get my feet warmed up. I always carry it in my dance bag. It provides low resistance when pointing and flexing your feet, and I do a lot of repetitions to create long, defined muscles. If you don't have a band, you can also use a large piece of elastic or fabric to do this exercise. Wrap the material around your foot (toes, ball, or arch), hold on with both hands for resistance, and slowly point and flex your foot, making sure to roll through and articulate each part of the foot." 


4. Protect your feet with Chloé Sherman:




"I can't go through rehearsal without my 2Tom's Skin-On-Skin second skin and tape for my toes. I also use them in new shoes to prevent rubbing and getting blisters. Applying it is super simple. Each square comes with blue and white covers for the gel part. I take both sides off for my pointe shoes and I would do the same for a blister. There is a cooling sensation when it touches your skin, so it feels extra good on an open blister. The squares are usually used for burns. I tape my toes so they stay in place, but band aids work too!" 


5. Cool down with Princess Reid:




"My favorite rehearsal pick-me-up is kombucha! It keeps me energized and is also really good for you. I usually have one every day, even during shelter-in-place. My favorite flavor is cranberry.”


6. Stay connected with Joanna Wozniak:




"My pro tip is my wireless headphones. I was given them for Christmas two years ago and they changed my life. They are amazing and have made my life so much easier. I keep them on me everywhere I go. They are small, portable, and Bluetooth-enabled (key! No wires). The minute I leave my house and head to the train for work they are in my ears streaming the morning news. As a music lover and dancer, they are essential. Best quote? My mom: ‘I was wondering why everyone was wearing these new white earrings!’”