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Priceless Questions by Bryan Habana

Priceless Questions to Wasim Akram by Bryan Habana

Be among the first 20 to RSVP and get Bryan Habana to ask your Priceless question to cricket legend Wasim Akram


The Experience

This is your opportunity to get South African rugby legend Bryan Habana to ask your question to Pakistani cricket legend Wasim Akram, widely acknowledged as one of cricket’s greatest bowlers of all time. It will be a Priceless encounter to see and hear one of the greatest Rugby Union players of all time interview one of the greatest cricketers of all time and ask him the questions that you choose. The interview will be streamed on social media, and you will get an honorary mention for your Priceless question. Exclusively for Mastercard® cardholders.


What’s priceless®


Getting an all-time rugby legend to ask your question to an all-time cricket legend


The highlights


  • RSVP for a chance to submit your question that Bryan Habana will ask Wasim Akram in a video interview
  • Receive a mention on the streamed video interview


  • Experience is available for free, one per household, to the first twenty (20) qualified Mastercard cardholders who fully register and RSVP
  • Experience RSVPs will open on Tuesday 19th May 12:00 PM GMT until Monday 25th May 12:00 PM GMT
  • Up to two (2) days after registering and RSVPing, you will receive a follow-up email detailing guidelines for submitting up to two (2) questions for Bryan or Wasim in either video or text format
  • Questions selected for the interview will be at the discretion of Mastercard, Bryan Habana and Wasim Akram, see terms and conditions for more
  • Submissions must be in English only, and must be submitted within two (2) days of receipt of follow-up email
  • The interview between Bryan Habana and Wasim Akram will be filmed responding to your questions and streamed on social media – further details and timing will be announced to you first, and detailed in a featured article coming soon
  • Please reach out to Fredine.Raubenheimer@octagon.com with any questions
  • Mastercard reserves the right to cancel an order if it doesn't comply with the details and terms and conditions set forth

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