Make golf a family affair with Hall of Famer Annika Sörenstam

Annika Sörenstam, one of the top golfers of all time, took over Mastercard’s Twitter feed to share some expert tips that you and your family can work on together.

Annika Sorenstam

Broadcasting live from her Florida home, Annika Sörenstam was joined by her own family, who helped her demonstrate drills to practice while COVID-19 keeps many at home for now.


“Get off the couch, grab a club if you can, and pretend you’re on the golf course,” she said. “Hopefully soon you will be on the course and you can implement some of these tips.”


The Hall of Fame golfer began with a lesson on chipping, which she said requires putting weight on your front foot, standing closer to the ball, and rotating your shoulders.



“To work on your balance, take your back foot off the ground, balance on your front so you feel like you’re staying over the ball, and really try to chip it,” she said. “You can work on where to land the ball by giving yourself something to aim at.”


As for putting, Sörenstam suggested starting with the right grip.


“Hold the putter in your hand and not so much in your fingers, because if you have it in your fingers you have a tendency to use your wrist a lot,” she explained.


The rest comes down to two simple but important factors.


“There are two things you need to learn in putting: distance and direction,” she said. “You also want the ball to roll smoothly and not make a big jump.”


To accomplish this, she recommended practicing with a wedge rather than a putter, which forces you to connect with the center of the ball to avoid sending it up in the air.


“This is a great exercise for everybody at home who feels like they’re hitting the putt rather than stroking it,” she said. “Once you figure out how to roll it, then you can work on your distance.”


During the livestream, Sörenstam fielded questions from viewers, one of whom asked about her favorite tournament win.


“My most memorable win was the U.S. Open in 1995 at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs,” she answered. “That gave me the confidence that I needed for the rest of the year and the rest of my career.”


“If you’re a cardholder, go to and check out all the amazing experiences Mastercard® is creating during these tough times,” she said. “They’re also doing great work by supporting small businesses and helping people cope with COVID-19.”