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Freefall over Pretoria with a tandem skydiving adventure: In Pretoria, South Africa (1)

Skydive Pretoria

Freefall over Pretoria with a tandem skydiving adventure

Leave the hard work to your expert instructor and soak up the breathtaking views 

07/31/20 12:00 AM

Wonderboom Airport Map it

R3150 per person

Coming Soon

The Experience

Discover the thrill of flying high with a tandem skydiving experience over Pretoria. You'll start with a scenic 10-minute flight over the South African city before exiting the aircraft, safely attached to an expert skydiving instructor. You'll plunge into an exhilarating 40-second freefall before the parachute opens at 5,000 feet, allowing you to take in the spectacular views during a gentle descent back to the ground. A videographer will accompany you, capturing the unforgettable day to bring home. Afterward, use a voucher to grab lunch at Villa San Giovannis in Wonderboom airport. Exclusively for Mastercard cardholders.



What's priceless


Checking skydiving off your bucket list with your adventurous friends.


The highlights


  • Jump from a plane with a skydiving instructor
  • Take in incredible bird's-eye views of Pretoria
  • Bring home a video from your dive


  • Experience is available until 31 July, 2020
  • Experience is for 2 people
  • Price listed is for 1 person
  • Voucher to Villa San Giovannis is for US$12
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Fine Print

  • This experience is non-refundable upon purchase, unless otherwise noted

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