Discover the Italian excellence: the craft of hand embroidery with Pino Grasso Ricami

Enter the iconic Italian hand embroidery atelier and discover the secrets behind its unique productions, through a video-story.


Italy has been at the forefront of modern fashion for decades, and when it comes to Italian hand embroidery designs, Pino Grasso Ricami has been known as one of the master workshops for more than 60 years. Opened in 1967 by its iconic namesake, Pino Grasso, the atelier is now run by his daughter, Raffaella Grasso. Today, the workshop continues to create precious hand embroideries for the world's top designers from its artisan atelier in Milan.


Pino's dream was to run a successful family business with all his loved ones involved, and he instilled in Raffaella a passion for producing intricate and imaginative hand embroidery designs that keep the company's bespoke services in high demand. Haute couture brands like Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana and others, regularly incorporate Pino Grasso Ricami's custom works in their most important pieces for international celebrities. It's no wonder why, seeing as the embroidery house uses inventive techniques and a diverse array of materials, like Swarovski crystals, coral, sequins, wood, plastic, and seeds, to develop different eye-catching creations for each client.




Now, fans of high fashion and artisan craftsmanship will have the chance to peek inside the Pino Grasso Ricami workshop like never before, as Raffaella opens its doors to showcase the exquisite hand embroidery designs and her father's legacy in an exclusive video. Raffaella shares how the art of embroidery has evolved through time, and how her company takes cues from tradition while also combining contemporary materials like straw, raffia, copper, metal wires, and more. You'll also have the chance to see how Pino Grasso Ricami makes their elaborate embroideries using classic tools like looms, crochet, and needles.


Plus, you'll get to see inside the Pino Grasso Ricami archive where its best works are preserved, including the unforgettable suits that the band Måneskin wore when they won the Sanremo Music Festival 2021. Designed in partnership with the fashion house ETRO, the remarkable suits were outfitted with feather-inspired embroidery made with glass, crystals, and yarns that required fast and precise design from the Pino Grasso team. The archive also contains some of Pino Grasso's first works, along with other significant items from the atelier's storied history.


Tune in to this special behind-the-scenes showing of the Pino Grasso Ricami workshop, and get inspired to use your hands to make something uniquely beautiful.