Designer Cynthia Rowley shares her inspiration and goals before her runway show during Fashion Week

Fashion designer Cynthia Rowley has recently offered Mastercard an unprecedented look behind her creative process. Now, a lucky fashion maven can sit front row at her outdoor Spring/Summer 2022 show alongside an internationally recognized fashion and beauty entrepreneur

Cynthia Rowley

Fans of Cynthia Rowley, "the pioneer of surf-leisure" as she's been dubbed by Vogue, have had a lot to look forward to lately. The New York City-based high-end fashion designer has offered Mastercard cardholders unparalleled access to her namesake brand and creative process, from a special masterclass and private personal styling sessions benefiting the Priceless Planet Coalition, to a tour of her studio and meet and greets online and in her flagship Manhattan store.


Now, fans who love her signature pretty-meets-sporty assortment of ready-to-wear surf and swimwear, fitness apparel, and accessories will have the chance to see a Cynthia Rowley fashion show like never before: Together with entrepreneur and style icon Olivia Palermo in front-row seats at the outdoor show in a once-in-a-lifetime fashion experience.


You can also get a glimpse into her thought processes by reading the Q&A below. Find out what she's working on right now, advice she'd give her younger self, and what she finds priceless in the full interview.




What is priceless to you?

Inspiration! Having an original idea and then being able to make it a reality and share it with the world.


What's one moment (recent or otherwise) that has impacted your life? What have you learned from it?

2020 was a year of total change and complete gratitude for everything positive.


What are you working on now?

Fashion Week is right around the corner, and even though we work on and show a buy-now/wear-now collection, we still have a full-blown runway show. It's pure fashion excitement.


What is the most challenging part of your job?

Keeping up with the demand for new work while maintaining a commitment to sustainable business practices.


What are the big changes or trends going on in your industry right now?

The biggest change is the switch to direct to consumer. This is a game-changer. It gives us the opportunity to tell our own story, connect with our audience directly, and react to successes. It's shortened the timeline and created excitement by delivering newness every week.


What advice would you give your younger self?

Say yes to everything. Listen to everyone around you, then go with your gut.





What was the best lesson you learned from failure?

Everything is cumulative—don't let the good things fool you into thinking you're a genius, and conversely, don't let the failures get you down. Keep going, appreciate what you've achieved, and amplify those successes.


What do you want to be doing five years from now?

More of everything!


How do you typically prepare for your projects?

Every single day is a typhoon of creativity. It never stops. We have a strong brand DNA that is so much fun to integrate into new partnerships and projects. The most exciting parts include innovation and functionality, and that requires a lot of research and experimentation, which makes it even more interesting. We love a challenge.