Conscious Curls is helping women of color care for their hair with ease and sophistication

Angela Christine Stevens earned her stellar reputation as an Emmy Award-winning licensed master stylist in L.A. Now, she's turned her expertise into an entrepreneurial venture aimed at making hair care simple, quick, and sophisticated.

Conscious Curls

When Angela Christine Stevens founded her company Conscious Curls in 2016 after a year of conceptualizing and planning, she already had a stellar reputation with her work as a licensed master stylist for L.A. celebrities, with regular appearances on reality television series L.A. Hair for four seasons. On top of that, the serial entrepreneur and Chicago-native consulted and educated for top brands like Mielle Organics, Girl + Hair, and Camille Rose Natural; published a children's book about the importance of hair care; and even snagged an Emmy Award for her work with rapper/actress Eve on CBS's The Talk. Still, she was ready to start a new project and pioneer something special.


As Stevens recalls, "I was in a space where doing hair wasn't enough for me anymore, and I wanted to create something that represented what I believed in terms of beauty, which is quality products, healthy hair care solutions, and giving back. So, Conscious Curls was my way to achieve those things while providing my clients with extensions I believed in."


She knew women of color who were always looking for simple, quick, and effective hair care solutions that allowed them to look and feel like their best, most confident versions of themselves. So, she created her dream product line of wigs and extensions, including custom colors and a variety of textures and styles, all of which are easy to put on.


"I want people to know I really love what I do in terms of creating solutions for the age-old question, 'What should I do with my hair?'" explains Stevens. "The possibilities are endless, and here is how you can achieve a new look in 15 minutes or less. For women of color, that is unheard of! Since I have spent half of my life in the salon, I can truly relate to the desire to look good without long prep times, tears, and horror stories."




For that reason, Stevens says, "the Quick Crowns are an absolute fave—for new moms, workout girls, and anyone trying to give a look quickly, it's for you."


But Conscious Curls is more than just great hair products. For Stevens, educating her customers on how to get the most out of her offerings is just as important as getting the right items into people's hands.


"As our brand has evolved, the learning experience has been priceless to me," she shares. That includes both Stevens learning more about what customers want, and her customers learning more about themselves. "We take pride in teaching ways to make hairstyles quick, simple, and healthy on the hair," she says. "Every time we get feedback saying they learned something new or we changed the game for their morning routine, it's priceless."


Stevens also keeps her ears open to discover what her customers ultimately want.


"As an entrepreneur, the learning has also come for me in analytics and learning who our customer is and what they need," she explains. "I'm motivated by our weekly and monthly growth, the power of educational content, and the loyalty of our customers. It fuels me to dream bigger and work harder for our tribe."


That tribe "is filled with women on the go," Stevens says. "Whether they are moms, businesswomen, or public figures, the Conscious Curls girl wants to look cute easily and effortlessly. They love color and want to keep their hair healthy more than anything."


The colors and styles of Conscious Curls crowns—with textures named "Power," "Peace," and "Strength"—are heavily influenced by their creator's chosen home of Los Angeles, where the community vibe has imbued its essence into everything she does through her entrepreneurial efforts. "Our look and feel are all about easy flowing hair, very California if you ask me!" she says. "We also offer custom color in vibrant and sunny shades of red, brown, and blonde, which also reminds me of the constant sunshine."


"L.A. became home to me because the sky is the limit on creativity and networking opportunities, plus the weather is a major bonus," Stevens says. "The entertainment industry is what brought me to L.A., but the network is what ultimately has kept me here."


L.A. locals who love Conscious Curls will soon be able to access the brand more directly than ever. "We are currently planning to open our showroom, fulfillment space, and salon this month," Stevens shares with excitement. "We will be able to showcase more of our products and crank out content much more easily with this venture. In the future, our goal is to also bring products into the mix and even more maintenance items. As we grow, I look forward to building a solid team of passionate beauty enthusiasts and professional hairstylists."


For those feeling inspired by Stevens' path who are looking to emulate her success, she offers the following advice: "Keep believing and look around for those who think like you. Don't be afraid to expand your network. Be open to where your mind takes you. It's easy to get caught up in trends, but setting the tone for new ones takes courage and a love for your own ideas. Find inspiration in everything, and it's never too late to start something new."