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Learn how to use natural cosmetics in a one day workshop

One day workshop focused on the art of makeup and working with natural products. 

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US$118 per person*

Coming Soon

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The Experience

Professional makeup artists will explain to you how to use natural cosmetics, why they decided to use them and how to create a perfect makeup for any occasion. They will also talk about the benefits of using natural products and why it's good for you and the planet and will give advice on how to transition from standard cosmetics. You will understand how to orientate yourself in various certificates and bio concepts so that you can recognize true quality in the world of natural cosmetics. You will be shown how to apply makeup like a pro for natural or expressive everyday look (color selection, new techniques, mixing the right oil or creme with makeup, tips & tricks for your 5min organic makeup). 


What's priceless

Personal experience with quality natural cosmetics lead by professionals


The highlights

  • 6 hour workshop lead by professional makeup artists
  • Best natural cosmetics, 100% natural ingredients & up to 95% organic ingredients & recyclable packaging & cruelty free
  • You'll learn how to transition from standard to clean and natural cosmetic products
  • You'll learn how to orientate yourself in cosmetic components and the basic functions of the human skin
  • All the necessary makeup equipment provided
  • Bonus 20% discount for cosmetics
  • Gift in the value of US$21
  • Small refreshments during the course


  • Capacity: 6 persons
  • Price: US$118 per person
  • Date & Time: Coming soon
  • Venue: Líčírna, Mánesova 76, Prague 2
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Fine Print

  • This experience is non-refundable upon purchase, unless otherwise noted

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