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Learn the secrets to ayurvedic cuisine with Elizabeth Johnson

Join the chef and owner of PharmTable for a virtual class in making tamales and Nopalito salad



The Experience

Tie on your apron and clear space in your kitchen for a lesson in ayurvedic cooking from the owner of PharmTable, arguably the only anti-inflammatory restaurant of its kind in the world. Elizabeth Johnson leads this virtual workshop in making healthy tamales and Nopalito salad using fresh, organic ingredients while avoiding inflammatory components like dairy, wheat, and processed sugar. The award-winning chef will discuss pre-Hispanic cooking traditions and San Antonio’s importance as a culinary crossroads as she guides you through each step of the recipes. Exclusively for Mastercard® cardholders.


What’s priceless®


Learning to bring harmony to your body through ayurvedic cooking.


The highlights


  • Let Elizabeth Johnson introduce you to ayurvedic cooking during a virtual seminar
  • Follow along as she prepares tamales and Nopalito salad
  • Learn about pre-Hispanic cooking techniques and anti-inflammatory spices, herbs, and ingredients


  • Experience is available at no cost to registered Mastercard cardholders
  • Video will be pre-recorded
  • Download details will be shared with cardholder upon registration

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