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Bring the family to an action painting class with Lu Jindrák Skřivánková: In Prague, Czech Republic (1)

Lucie Jindrák Skřivánková

Bring the family to an action painting class with Lu Jindrák Skřivánková

Create a masterpiece in this spontaneous artistic style under the artist's expert guidance. 

12/31/20 12:00 AM

US$610 per family*

Coming Soon

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The Experience

Unleash your creativity during a family action painting workshop with acclaimed artist Lucie Jindrák Skřivánková. You'll step into Lucie's studio where you'll learn about this spontaneous style of art that involves splashing, smearing, and dribbling paint onto a canvas rather than carefully applying it. Then, you'll create your own masterpiece up to 170 cm by 170 cm in size with all the materials you need—from the canvas to paints and brushes. After, you'll take your painting home for display. Exclusively for Mastercard cardholders.


What's priceless

Learning a fun, new art style from a renowned professional with your family


The highlights

  • Take a family action painting class with Lucie Jindrák Skřivánková
  • Create your own masterpiece
  • Take your painting home to display it


  • Capacity: 1 family (maximum 6 persons)
  • Date & time: to be selected upon payment
  • The earliest booking date available is July 1, 2020
  • Your chosen date will be confirmed within 48 hours
  • Venue: atelier Petrohradská
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Fine Print

  • This experience is non-refundable upon purchase, unless otherwise noted

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