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Cook alongside chef Hugo Muñoz in a virtual masterclass

Learn three recipes from the founder of Madrid's Michelin-star restaurant Ugo Chan


Free for Mastercard cardholders

The Experience

Elevate your cooking skills during a virtual masterclass with one of Spain's most notable chefs: Hugo Muñoz. In this video series, the founder of Ugo Chan—a one-Michelin-star restaurant in Madrid focused on seasonal produce—will show you how to prepare three recipes. Gather your ingredients and follow along at home as he prepares Russian-Japanese potato salad with tuna sashimi, sea bream with Bilbao-style sauce, and Madrid-style tripe dumplings. Exclusively for Mastercard cardholders.


What's priceless


Being the toast of the dinner party with a new dish from a star chef.


The highlights


  • Get familiar with chef Hugo Muñoz and his unique approach to food
  • Follow along as he demonstrates three fabulous recipes
  • Impress your friends with some dazzling new dishes


  • Experience is valid through 30 April 2024
  • Experience provided in Spanish with English subtitles
  • Ingredients needed for the Russian-Japanese potato salad with tuna sashimi:
    • 40 grams red tuna belly
    • 60 grams teardrop peas
    • 6 units baby carrot
    • 100 grams Canarian potato
    • 30 grams wasabi
    • 400 millilitres soy sauce
    • 400 millilitres rice vinegar
    • 200 millilitres orange juice
    • 200 millilitres lemon juice
    • 20 grams pasteurized yolk
    • katsuobushi
    • 100 millilitres sunflower oil
    • 50 millilitres olive oil
    • Salt
  • Ingredients needed for sea bream with Bilbao-style sauce:
    • 1 unit sea ​​bream (or similar white fish)
    • 1,2 kilogrammes of fish bones selected to prepare the Bilbao-style sauce
    • 140 millilitres rice vinegar
    • 20 grams garlic
    • 8 grams hondashi
    • 20 millilitres Olive oil Castillo de Canena
    • Shichimi Togarashi
    • Maldon salt
  • Ingredients needed for Madrid-style tripe gyoza:
    • 1 kilogramme chopped veal leg
    • 1 kilogramme chopped snout
    • 1 kilogramme chopped black tripe
    • 400 grams knuckle bones
    • 1 unit smoked chorizo
    • 1 unit smoked blood sausage
    • 100 grams cooked chickpeas
    • 400 grams garlic
    • 400 grams onion
    • 15 grams sweet paprika
    • 4 grams hot paprika
    • 15 grams choricero pepper pulp
    • 150 millilitres oyster sauce
    • 20 millilitres soy sauce
    • 3 grams kimchi
    • 8 grams flour
    • 8 grams black peppercorn
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