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Learn Chef Petra Jelenić's special holiday cake recipe in a digital lesson

Join the Croatian baking sensation for a festive online class

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The Experience

Celebrate the season with an online holiday baking class led by Petra Jelenić. Join the renown Croatian pastry chef as she shares hot to make her acclaimed holiday cake. She'll lead you through the recipe step by step to help you recreate the culinary magic at home. You'll get swept up in the spirit of the season and enjoy tasty winter holidays with Petra's delectable dessert. Exclusively for Mastercard cardholders.


What's priceless


Baking a world-class pastry chef's recipe to share with friends and family this season.


The highlights


  • Discover how to make Petra Jelenić's holiday cake in a digital lesson
  • Find joy in the festive atmosphere
  • Recreate the sumptuous holiday dessert for loved ones


  • Experience is available through 31 December 2022

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