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Create your own handmade chocolate delicacies with our Le Cordon Bleu Master Chef

Learn to craft delicious chocolates with our digital chocolate Masterclass

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The Experience

Le Cordon Bleu is a Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Institute with over 125 years of experience and, in association with Priceless, Le Cordon Bleu Master Chef Jérôme Pendaries guides you through a video demonstration of how to create the perfect hand-crafted chocolate delights to please your guests and your palate. Learn how to make Truffles, Bonbons, Rochers and Mendiants in this easy-to-follow guide – complete with recipe card and step-by-step instructions from the home of hospitality itself.


What's priceless

Preparing and presenting a selection of classic hand-crafted chocolate delights


The highlights


  • Fully detailed instructions and recipe card
  • Being taught the tricks of the trade by a Le Cordon Bleu Master Chef
  • Preparing your own hand-crafted chocolate delights


  • This download is free and will be delivered as a pre-recorded file via email after clicking "Add to Cart"
  • Experience is appropriate for all ages
  • Video is in English with English subtitles
  • Please reach out to the Priceless Concierge Team at pricelessemails@biggroup.co.uk if you have any questions
  • Allergens include; Wheat, dairy, soy, nuts, sulphur dioxide

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