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Spice up your cooking with Greek herbs in a three-videos series

Learn the beneficial effects of Greek herbs and transform your cooking with Chef Asterios Koustoudis

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The Experience

Add some authentic Greek flavour to your cooking with a three-part pre-recorded video series on Greek herbs from Chef Asterios Koustoudis and herb expert Lela Vavouraki. Learn the often mythical histories of Greece's indigenous herbs, then discover their modern uses in gourmet recipes. Discover how to elevate dishes into flavourful, aromatic delights using the kinds of herb-infused butters and oils Koustoudis uses as the executive chef of Grande Bretagne and King George Hotels. Exclusively for Mastercard cardholders.



What's priceless


Making culinary magic with Greek herbs among fellow cooking enthusiasts without leaving your own kitchen.



The highlights


  • Download three videos on the history and uses of Greek herbs
  • Discover how herbs add flavour and health benefits to food
  • Learn the roots of indigenous Greek herbs


  • Experience is valid throughout the year and until further notice
  • Experience is provided in Greek with English subtitles
  • Video will be provided via email

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