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Unlock the secrets of the staples of Peranakan cuisine

Create recipes with buah keluak during a virtual cooking class with FatFuku founder Annette Tan

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The Experience

Learn the building blocks of famous Peranakan dishes during a pre-recorded buah keluak masterclass led by food writer, culinary entrepreneur, and FatFuku founder Annette Tan. Follow along as Tan shows you how to take the fruit from the kepayang tree and turn it into sambal buah keluak, a basic spice paste, or rempah, for dips and dishes. Then, learn how to use the spice paste in buah keluak fried rice and Babi buah keluak, a pork stew that's a staple of Peranakan cuisine. Exclusively for Mastercard® cardholders.


What's priceless


Learning quintessential Peranakan recipes from an acclaimed Singaporean food writer and cook.


The highlights


Learn the basics and building blocks of creating dishes with buah keluak.

  1. Sambal buah keluak

The basic rempah for buah keluak that lets you make dishes like buah keluak fried rice and buah keluak dips and canapes.

  1. Buah keluak fried rice

A dark, earthy comfort dish that can be a staple dish in your household.

  1. Babi buah keluak

The quintessential Peranakan dish. Learn to make the rempah from scratch and how you can vary the protein and ingredients in this ambrosial stew.


  • Experience is available through 31 May 2021
  • Experience is delivered via pre-recorded video
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